Rampant's XQASP(tm) - Image URL Examples
Begin: xqasp.com/XQImage
Long: /XQImage/xq/asp.Graphic/SRC.%2Fart%2FLion048%2Egif/Day.Thursday%2C+September+28%2C+2023/qx/My+Company%2C+My+Product.htm

rotate image

  My Company, My Product with image '/art/Lion048.gif' Dynamically generated Image
  • Add text, merge images on-demand
  • Auto create Buttons, Products, Documents
  • Add copyrights to images
  • Eliminate clutter. Size,crop,rotate and size on-the-fly from a single original.
  • Hide pricing, email addresses, passwords from robots.

  • Decoding the URL used for the image above: (Click to display image in separate window)
     /XQImage /xq/ img . Graphic /SRC.%2Fart%2FLion048%2Egif /Day.Thursday%2C+September+28%2C+2023 /qx/ My+Company%2C+My+Product.gif
     /XQImage ASP file pathpath to ASP module "Graphic.asp"
     /xq/ XQ BeginXQASP parameters follow..
     img. or asp. XQ Commandtells web server what we want - image or asp text (see XQASP(tm))
     Graphic Module Basebase name of this ASP module ("/XQImage/Graphic.ASP")
     /SRC.%2Fart%2FLion048%2Egif Source ImageValue used by ASP page (decoded "/SRC./art/Lion048.gif")
     /Day.Thursday%2C+September+28%2C+2023 Sample ParamAssorted values used by ASP page (decoded "/Day.Thursday, September 28, 2023")
     "rotate" param not present RotationAnother example of a parameter being passed to the target ASP page.
     /qx/ XQ Endend of XQASP parameters
     My+Company%2C+My+Product.gif Image Aliasimage name we want browser to see

    Parameters received in the URL
     My Company, My Product Graphic
     /art/Lion048 SRC
     Wednesday, January 25, 2023 Day

    Parameters received in the Form Post
     No parameters were located in the Form Post

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