Rampant's XQASP(tm) - Image URL Examples
Begin: xqasp.com/XQImage
Long: /XQImage/xq/asp.Graphic/SRC.%2Fart%2FLion048%2Egif/Day.Monday%2C+July+15%2C+2024/qx/My+Company%2C+My+Product.htm

rotate image

  My Company, My Product with image '/art/Lion048.gif' Dynamically generated Image
  • Add text, merge images on-demand
  • Auto create Buttons, Products, Documents
  • Add copyrights to images
  • Eliminate clutter. Size,crop,rotate and size on-the-fly from a single original.
  • Hide pricing, email addresses, passwords from robots.

  • Decoding the URL used for the image above: (Click to display image in separate window)
     /XQImage /xq/ img . Graphic /SRC.%2Fart%2FLion048%2Egif /Day.Monday%2C+July+15%2C+2024 /qx/ My+Company%2C+My+Product.gif
     /XQImage ASP file pathpath to ASP module "Graphic.asp"
     /xq/ XQ BeginXQASP parameters follow..
     img. or asp. XQ Commandtells web server what we want - image or asp text (see XQASP(tm))
     Graphic Module Basebase name of this ASP module ("/XQImage/Graphic.asp")
     /SRC.%2Fart%2FLion048%2Egif Source ImageValue used by ASP page (decoded "/SRC./art/Lion048.gif")
     /Day.Monday%2C+July+15%2C+2024 Sample ParamAssorted values used by ASP page (decoded "/Day.Monday, July 15, 2024")
     "rotate" param not present RotationAnother example of a parameter being passed to the target ASP page.
     /qx/ XQ Endend of XQASP parameters
     My+Company%2C+My+Product.gif Image Aliasimage name we want browser to see

    Parameters received in the URL
     No parameters were located in the URL

    Parameters received in the Form Post
     No parameters were located in the Form Post

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