Rampant's XQASP(tm) - Image URL Examples
Begin: xqasp.com/XQImage
Long: /XQImage/xq/asp.Graphic/SRC.%2Fart%2FLion048%2Egif/Day.Monday%2C+August+8%2C+2022/qx/My+Company%2C+My+Product.htm

Sample image paths using XQASP with image enhancements.

  My Company, My Product with image '/art/Lion048.gif'
See Graphic.asp for detail information about the URLs generating these graphics.
Graphic.asp generates images using fields passed in the URL by XQASP(tm).
src="/XQImage/xq/img.Graphic/qx/My Company, My Product.gif" absolute

src="/XQImage/xq/img.Graphic/SRC.%2Fart%2Femailtoppage%2Ejpg/qx/Rampant%2CInc%2E.jpg" rotating

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